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Video Training

Getting Started

Our free video course to get you started with CNC, whether you own a Carbide 3D machine or not.

Running a Shapeoko

Our free video course to help you get started with a Shapeoko.

Learn Carbide Create

A free video training course to get you up and running with Carbide Create quickly.

Learn Carbide Create Pro

Learn the additional tools available only in Carbide Create Pro.

First Five Projects

We'll walk you through five easy projects to get you started.

Design Resources

Design Elements

Free SVG files to use in your designs.


Sometimes you just need a punchy quote to engrave.


Our community project sharing site.


Connect with other members of the Carbide 3D family.

Support Resources


All of the PDF manuals for Carbide 3D products in one place.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Quick answers to common questions.


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