Shapeoko 4 Resources



Step 1: Assembly Manual
The assembly manual for your Shapeoko 4.
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Step 2: Machine Setup Manual
Machine Setup and configuration instructions for your Shapeoko 5 Pro.
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Carbide Motion
Carbide Motion is the machine controller that operates your Shapeoko 5 Pro.
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Carbide Create
Carbide Create is the CAD/CAM software that allows you to create your own projects.
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Video Training

Getting Started with CNC
This is the first course that you should watch to get familiar with the basics of CNC.
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Running a Shapekoko
This course will walk you through the process of setting up your Shapeoko and running your first job.
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Getting Started with Carbide Create
This course will familiarize you with Carbide Create and how to use it to create your own projects.
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Community Forum

We have a very active community of users on our forum. Please feel free to ask questions and share your projects but note that it is not a support forum.

If you have a support question, please contact us at

Troubleshooting Guides