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Assembly Guide: View the assembly guides here

Docs: If you’re looking for something specific to Shapeoko 3, we recommend taking a look at our Carbide 3D Docs pages. We’ve packed them full of all kinds of useful information to help you get up and running, and to help answer the most common questions. This is the site you are viewing right now!

We also have tutorials:

Email: If you run into an issue that you can’t find an answer for on the forum or the docs pages or find that something in your kit is missing or broken, please contact us for customer support by emailing  [](mailto:mailto: We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can and get you fied-up and running in no time.


Carbide Motion (machine control software) ― This software allows you to control your machine by jogging it around, setting zeroes, and loading and running G-Code.

Carbide Create (CAD/CAM software) ― Carbide Create combines the power of 2D sketching and generating toolpaths into one application.