80mm Water-Cooled VFD Spindle Kit

Table of Contents


Shop Requirements

Tools and Consumables Required

Environmental Requirements

The spindle kit should be operated when the ambient temperature is between 15°C/59°F and 30°C/86°F.

Remove Existing Router or Spindle

Install - Shapeoko 5 Pro Gas Strut Kit

Please refer to the Gas Strut Kit Assembly guide

Install - Spindle Mount and VFD Spindle

Install - Wiring & Coolant Lines (Gantry Drag Chain)

Image showing the arrangement of compression nut, coolant hose, and hose fitting prior to tightening of the compression nut.

Install - Wiring & Coolant Lines (Gantry to Y-Axis Transition)

Install - Wiring & Coolant Lines (Y-Axis Drag Chain)


The CW3000 is a recirculating chiller. It will bring the coolant temperature down to ambient levels.

It should be placed away from dust and debris (ex. under or beside the Shapeoko). Approximately 30cm (1 foot) of clearance should be maintained around the unit for best performance.

Keep area around spindle chiller clear for ventilation.

Connecting and using the CW3000

Filling the CW3000

Mounting the VFD

Holes for Wall-Mounting are located on the back of the VFD enclosure, spaced 85mm apart.

Connecting the VFD to Shapeoko

Configuring Carbide Motion

Operating Your VFD Spindle

Location of the Spindle Enable (Interlock) button.

Caring for Your VFD Spindle

Please refer to the VFD Spindle Care & Maintenance guide


What do these VFD error codes mean?
Below are common codes and errors - this list is periodically updated by support. Please email support@carbide3d.com if any of these error codes cannot be resolved.

Do I need a flow monitor?
No - The CW3000 will show error E0 if there is a problem with coolant flow.

What are the specifications of the CW3000?

What do these CW3000 error codes mean?